WODFitters Muscle Foam Roller for Trigger Point Massage and Recovery

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EFFICIENT RECOVERY TOOL – Cut recovery time in half and perform at your potential with this Deluxe, High Density foam roller. The specially designed pattens allow you to reinvigorate and stimulate muscles evenly. Works well to release Tight Muscles, Scar Tissue, Adhesion and Knots.
COMPACT – At slightly under 13″ long this sleek design makes it the perfect travel roller and is easy to carry from the home to the gym. Designed for athletes that train hard and is perfect for use after high intensity exercise.
HITS YOUR TRIGGER POINTS – The WODFitters foam roller will find hidden muscle aches and pains you never even knew were there and leave you reinvigorated and feeling better than you have in years.

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Are you searching for aid for sore muscle mass after an severe WOD? The Deluxe, Prime Density thirteen” spherical further company Curler from WODFitters is designed for athletes that teach exhausting and is highest to be used after Prime depth workout. This black foam Curler is perfect for myofascial liberate, a very easy-to-do type of self-therapeutic massage aimed toward assuaging ache and muscle pressure. The WODFitters Curler is designed in this sort of method that relieves tight muscle mass and breaks Scar Tissue sooner. This easy but efficient Curler is more practical than conventional EPP foam rollers. It is vitally useful in damage rehabilitation, stability-making improvements to actions, muscle strengthening workouts, and postural re-alignment. The simple-to-blank Curler is light-weight and conveyable, and provides a great way to regulate issue and depth ranges in such a lot workouts. The WODFitters Foam Curler is to be had in crimson and in black and provides customers a sturdy warmth, micro organism, and waterproof software than can be utilized for a lot of workouts. Building up your restoration and loosen up with the WODFitters Foam Curler!
















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