Hand Care Treatment Cream Callus Repair By WOD Welder – For Fitness Athletes, Gymnastics, Weightlifters, and Rock Climbing – Heals Rips and Tears, Speeds Recovery – Essential Oils

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HEAL RIPPED & TORN HANDS FAST! – Don’t let hand rips and tears keep you away from your workout. Our handcare cream, Hands as Rx gets working immediately on the ugliest hand wounds and get your back on the bar faster. Don’t let your athletic performance suffer due to injury. Our kits will become a necessary tool for your equipment bag. Pair with WOD Welder Solid Salve for best results and complete skin care.
ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE – We use natural active ingredients to hydrate your hands better than any water based lotion on the market. Nothing even comes close and our customers certainly agree that WOD Welder is the best. Callus shavers and scrapers can be difficult to use and remove too much, leaving you prone to injury. Water based lotions don’t provide lasting hydration and can feel greasy and slippery while gripping the bar. Try us and you’ll know why WODWelder is the most highly recommended.
DRYS FAST & LOCKS IN MOISTURE – We use the best ingredients to make sure your hands are happy. Our hand cream contains allantoin, lanolin, eucalyptus and peppermint oils. All ingredients help to add or lock in moisture, making your hands less prone to rips in the first place. Lanolin is especially good at that. Allantoin helps cell regeneration, speeding recovery from tears. Essentials oils, peppermint, and eucalyptus help this system and provide a great scent. Absorbs quickly and drys fast.


The fastest option to rips and tears (and sitting out even as they heal) is to have below-hydrated Fingers with thick calluses. Our all herbal Fingers as Rx Cream supplies the next: • A quick absorbed pores and skin cream a good way to stay your Fingers and hands supple and hydrated. • Counteracts the drying results of chalk, and the grinding your Fingers take at the bar, the bells, ropes, your unending pull ups. Do not be disturbed–Fingers as Rx is not a hand cream for wimps, and it additionally does not breakdown the calluses that you want. It merely hydrates pores and skin and lets in it to breath and deal with elasticity. Advantages of Key Foods: • Allantoin: a cell phone regenerator that protects pores and skin by means of sealing in moisture, and is helping with wound therapeutic and tissue regeneration. • Lanolin: a clearly going on wax that holds moisture to the surface even as nonetheless permitting it to breath. • Crucial oils of Peppermint and Eucalyptus: odor nice and lend a cooling sensation to the surface even as offering antimicrobial talents. Your Fingers will thanks for it. Used day by day, you’re going to see smoother Fingers very quickly, and not more rips and ache. Foods: Water, Beeswax, Glycerin, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Allantoin, Sorbic Acid, Peppermint Crucial Oil, Eucalyptus Crucial Oil




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