Fé Fit Introductory Starter DVD Workout Program – Weight Loss–All Skill Levels – Workout Videos for Women

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REBUILD: Lose weight, shed fat, and tone your entire body doing Cardio Circuit, Core, Lower Body, Upper Body, Total Body Toning, Barre and Stretch Flow workouts.
RECHARGE: Fé Fit is the best workout program for women to jumpstart your metabolism and create long, lean muscles. All fitness levels.
RECLAIM: Created by women, for women. Reach your fitness goals in as little as 30 minutes a day… make the time and invest in you!

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Get back into the ones thin jeans and the most efficient form of your existence with Fé Are compatible! Every home exercise is underneath 30 mins… completely attainable. Proper?

Get MORE for LESS.

Disc 1 comprises: 3 Complete Workout routines from 3 Other fitness genres (Overall Frame Firming, Core and Decrease Frame) and 7 14-minute crucial Workout routines from all 7 of our fitness genres (that is virtually 3 hours of Workout routines!).

Total Body Tone your whole Frame: glutes, abs, arms, hips and legs. The Workout routines are fast-paced, with prime repetitions, striking your muscles to work.

Cardio Fats-blasting period cardio classes to rev up your metabolism, fortify staying power and provide the narrow body you wish to have.

Upper Body The use of your bodyweight, hand weights and resistance bands, this exercise sculpts your shoulders, chisels your arms and brings definition for your back and chest.

Lower Body The use of weights in fast-paced sets you’ll be able to support and narrow your thighs and tone your glutes and calf muscles very quickly.

Core Put the facility back for your powerhouse. Status and mat abs work strengthens your whole core and creates a flat, attractive abdomen.

Barre Low have an effect on Workout routines that supply prime have an effect on effects. Sculpt your arms and tighten the stubborn spaces around your hips and thighs with lunges, squats and isometric holds The use of a ballet barre or chair.

Stretch Unlock tension for your Frame and build up your flexibility with those a laugh Workout routines.

Get wholesome to your calendar.

Complete the Set Buy your Fé Are compatible Disc 1 as of late! If you find yourself able for more, whole the 8-disc set with the Fé Are compatible ninety-day Fitness Revel in!

REBUILD: Reduce weight, shed Fats, and tone your whole Frame doing Cardio Circuit, Core, Decrease Frame, Higher Frame, Overall Frame Firming, Barre and Stretch Drift Workout routines.
RECHARGE: Fé Are compatible is the most efficient exercise program for girls to jumpstart your metabolism and create lengthy, lean muscles. All fitness ranges.
RECLAIM: Created through ladies, for girls. Achieve your fitness objectives in as low as 30 mins an afternoon… make the time and put money into you!
VARIETY: You get 3 of our Complete Workout routines PLUS 7 crucial primer videos from EACH of our a laugh and efficient fitness genres… just about 3 hours of Workout routines to choose between!
3 Complete Workout routines from 3 Other Fitness Genres (Overall Frame Firming, Core and Decrease Frame) and 7 14-minute crucial Workout routines from all 7 of our fitness genres (that is virtually 3 hours of Workout routines!).




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