Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout [DVD]

Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Multiple Formats, Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, NTSC, Widescreen
60 minutes


Get a decent, toned and stylish Frame with this efficient ballet impressed total Frame exercise from Mary Helen Bowers, teacher to the celebs! Sculpt swish and powerful legs, arms, butt, abs and Higher Frame. Form a lean and sleek dancer s Frame with centered mat work and status workouts that lengthen and tone. Workout routines come with Targeted workouts that concentrate on bother spaces at the same time as increasing flexibility and bettering posture.

Bridge Series: A difficult series of bridge workouts that sculpt and tone the muscles
on the interior and back of the legs, butt, interior thighs, hips and abs.

Abs: A centered abdominal exercise that strengthens your middle of stability and sculpts a
lean waist.

Inner Thigh: Targeted workouts that support and tone the interior thighs, key to sculpting
a ballerina’s long, robust legs.

Outer Thigh: A transformative exercise for the out of doors of the hip and thigh. These exercises
tighten and tone the outer hip, lengthening the road of the legs.

Arms: Higher Frame and arm workouts that briefly sculpt and tone the arms, shoulders
and back and fortify posture with none weights or apparatus!

Standing: Dance impressed status workouts with cardio components.
Ever surprise how the ones dancers get and stay such long, lean, taut physiques? Now you may as well be informed a few killer movements to get you in Form like prima ballerinas. Mary Helen Bowers’s Ballet Gorgeous: Total Frame Workout will work your buns, abs, legs, and arms–and throw in a few improbable cardio to lend a hand burn calories and stability movements to construct your grace. Bowers is the well-known teacher who worked with Natalie Portman on Black Swan, in addition to with plenty of different celebrities. And it is simple to peer why: these movements can work for beginners (even though believe me, you are going to really feel the burn) in addition to complicated fitness buffs short of to kick things up a notch. The abs and arms parts of Total Frame Workout, particularly, are designed to turn effects rather briefly. And do not be shocked should you to find your stability and posture bettering too. Total Frame Workout provides you with dancerlike sleekness and beauty, no toe shoes required. —A.T. Hurley
Region 1 (U.S. and Canada most effective)
More than one Codecs, Closed-captioned, Colour, Dolby, NTSC, Widescreen
60 mins